Mississauga Track & Field Club is a volunteer-based, not-for-profit community club which has been providing training and competition opportunities for youth since 1969.
We are an affiliate of Athletics Ontario and Athletics Canada, the provincial and national bodies that govern the sport of Track and Field and we are also registered as a recognized community group with the City of Mississauga.
Mississauga Registered Community Group

Who we serve

Mississauga Track & Field Club currently offers training and development programs to Mississauga residents in the following age groups:

  • Teen runners (ages 13 – 18)
  • Post-secondary athletes (ages 19+)

Note: A limited number of memberships are available to non-residents of Mississauga, in accordance with the City of Mississauga’s Affiliated Youth Group policy.

Mississauga Track & Field Club welcomes athletes of all ability levels and focuses each individual on the continuous pursuit of a personal best performance. No athlete ever sits on the bench. In fact… there is no bench!

Training with Mississauga Track & Field Club can help you…

  • Improve overall health and fitness, regardless of your starting point
  • Interact with peers who have similar interests
  • Supplement your school-based training in cross-country and track & field
  • Compete in local, provincial or national competitions
  • Improve chances of earning athletic awards, grants or scholarships

Whatever your reasons for joining the Mississauga Track & Field Club, the benefits of our training programs go far beyond the physical. Self-discipline, determination and perseverance are practiced at every workout and, over time, become ingrained in the character of our athletes.

Training and Competition Calendar

Through membership in Athletics Ontario, Mississauga Track & Field Club is an affiliate of Athletics Canada, the national body that governs the sport of Track and Field. Our training schedule aligns with the competition calendar set out by these bodies:

  • Cross Country: August to November
  • Indoor Track Season: December – March
  • Outdoor Track Season: April – August

Club Policies and Code of Conduct

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Membership Benefits

Annual club fees reviewed annually by the Board of Directors, and include:

  • Athletics Ontario membership*
  • Coaching
  • Race Entry Fees
  • Club Singlet
  • Subsidies for Club Apparel